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Elite Management Janitorial Service is there for you. We know that life gets busy and we want to make your service appointment as easy, smooth a process as possible by reserving a period in advance with our team of professionals- this will help guarantee minimal interruption during what can be an important day or event! If something happens closer than 24 hours before then don’t worry; just let us know about any changes (or cancellations) earlier than expected so we’re prepared too. Read more here

By clicking the Book Now button you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The cleaning duration is for 1 cleaner (if 2 split time in half, more people = less time). If the job is more extensive than what the flat rate covers, your cleaner may suggest a new price.

Hourly service does not include customer guarantee. If areas need extra work you will be required to extend the booking time or help the cleaner prioritize your requests.

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